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Ludum Dare 55 - Celestial Panda!

celestialPanda Use the power of star constellations and sacrifices to the island gods to solve this myster More Details

Ludum Dare 54 - Rabbit Reporter!

rabbit_reporter Follow Ricky Reporter Rabbit on his journalistic adventures to find out the local scoop! More Details

Ludum Dare 53 - You’re doing crate!

youre_doing_crate Run around in this couch coop game to deliver all the parcels! More Details

Ludum Dare 51 - On track to party

on_track_to_party Manage your resources and passengers whilst going from station to station in 10 seconds! More Details

Ludum Dare 50 - The Maze of Swineston

MazeOfSwineston This is a tower defence game where you have trap the pigs, so they don’t free the monster!
More Details

AberCompSoc Game Jam 2021- Bearly a Heist

CompSocGameJam21 Text adventure following a bear who attempts to steal back the claw. More Details

Ludum Dare 49 - Toad Towers

Ludum Dare 49 This is a tower building game where you have to keep the frog clients happy and battle the elements.
More Details

Ludum Dare 48 - Penguin Paradise

Ludum Dare 48 This is a strategy, resource management game. You have to guide the penguins in order to build the grand monument. More Details

AberCompSoc Game Jam 2020 - 2020 Simulator

CompSocGameJam This is a idle clicker game which was made for a game jam. You have to click the different objects to keep everything balanced and beat the timer! More Details

Timeless Forest

Timeless Forest This is a 2D platforming game. You have to run and climb to get through the level, avoiding the spikes and falling rocks! But don’t worry if you make a mistake - you can travel back in time! More Details

Ludum Dare 47 - While(Sushi)

LundumDare47 This is a game jam entry in which you are a chef who serves sushi to cats! More Details

The Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava This is a platforming game where you have to avoid the floor! More Details